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Legend of Crazy Horse

A Defiant Dude; "Cease and desist?? Like hell. I've decided to fight. "

What does this have to do with MPG? Nothing. But I loves me some garden-fresh kale -- and also some well-rooted defiance, too.

Thanks to our friends at treehugger for the heads-up, You can help Bo Muller-Moore stand up to these chickens.

HEY Chick-fil-A

Unigard Insurance Co. sues LincVolt LLC over fire reports:
Company rocker Neil Young founded sued for $500,000 over fire sparked by LincVolt hybrid in San Carlos

You may read the full story here >>

"The company founded by rocker Neil Young to convert his one-of-a-kind LincVolt hybrid electric car is being sued for nearly $500,000 after the vehicle sparked a fire that seriously damaged two San Carlos warehouses 2010, according to a lawsuit.

The suit, filed Tuesday by Unigard Insurance Co., says LincVolt LLC, which lists Young as an officer, was negligent when it converted the 1959 Lincoln Continental to run on electricity and a biodiesel-powered generator.

"The altering of a gas-powered 1959 vehicle and its components is an extreme departure from what a reasonably careful person would do," Unigard Insurance Co. claims in the suit filed in San Mateo County Superior Court."

That depends a lot on your definition of "reasonably careful". I mean, if we we as a society were reasonably careful about poisoning our planet and gave a flying shit about wasting energy, Neil probably wouldn't be compelled to be building a long-range efficient vehicle anyway. If anything, as it applies to the Lincvolt project and its goal (and our future) Neil Young is being UNreasonably careful.

Lawyer-up, America.

Hempsters - Plant the seed - a documentary on industrial hemp

"Hempsters - Plant the seed" is a documentary film about the struggle to legalize industrial hemp in the US - featuring Woody Harrelson, Ralph Nader, Julia Butterfly Hill, Gatewood Galbraith, Craig Lee. Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Donna Cockrell, Andy Graves, Jake Graves, Alex White Plume, Bob Weiner, Joe American Horse, Cynthia Theilan, Stephan Jenkins and others. Order a DVD here:

View on Netflix >>

The X PRIZE Foundation

I didn't drive the Insight yesterday

When I bought it, I hadn't originally planned to drive the Insight in the winter. But it does surprisingly well in snow and I've driven it through midwest winters the past 3 years. I've likened hypermiling to snow driving many times so really, it's close to a normal drive for me. Yesterday, however, mother nature reminded us of her power and the car wasn't going anywhere without some help.

I burned more gas in my garden tractor plowing the driveway yesterday than I burn in the car in a week. I love my ol' vintage tractor just the way it is but it could definitely be more fuel efficient. Yesterday was a brute force day, moving this much snow around. And aside from a minor fuel pump repair, the John Deere 318 did her job just fine and saved my back again. It's always nice to have the right tool for the job.

All good now and back on the road with the car again today.

Lincvolt returns

The webcam is back up.

A post-fire glimpse of Lincvolt

"Mr. Young will use a 1958 Continental, which his wife presented to him on his 65th birthday, as a donor for the body panels that warped due to the fire’s heat. Another Continental, this one a 1959, will provide undisclosed “detail parts” that are “unique to” LincVolt."
Photo and full story here >>

Also, from
"Cleaning LV continues in preparation for bead blasting her down to bare metal," Young said. "Once that is done we will be ready to begin the build. LV will be built using parts from two other Lincoln Continentals."

Young said that the car doesn't appear to have sustained any damage under the hood, but that testing is needed to determine if there are any problems.
Read the full story here >>

The latest official statement from Neil on the Lincvolt Gazette is full of good news. >>

And... she's blogging again! >>

Long live Lincvolt!

Neil Young & Lincvolt at SEMA 2010

Miner rescue in Chile

Update: Mission Accomplished -- Teamwork rocks.

My thoughts and support go out to the miners and rescue workers in Chile. I feel like I'm witnessing a perfect combination of technology, experience, spirit, iron, and guts. Brute force at the hand of finesse.

In an CNN interview, they asked the drill operator about working with his feet on the ground so he could "feel" what the drill is doing. "There's good torque and bad torque", he said. Anyone who has ever operated a machine, tool, or wrench can relate to that on some scale.

Godspeed to all involved as these workers ride from the hubs of Hell, to their Heaven on earth.

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