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Neil Young's LINCVOLT project

Update: Lincvolt Log Dec. 1 2008

Goodwin/Young have posted an update from recent testing. In road tests near Wichita, Lincvolt, has averaged 62.5 mpg at 65 mph. Lincvolt now moves on to version 2.5. The fuel will change from CNG to biodiesel in the rotary generator. Check for: the update. Charge on, Lincvolt.

Here's a feed from Lincvolt (available now and then).

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Neil Young’s 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV, a 19′ long 2 1/2 ton cruiser is currently in Wichita KS being has been converted to a hybrid electric vehicle. The gas guzzling engine has been replaced by a combination electric motor and an RX-7 rotary gas powered generator. 100 MPG highway is expected after the conversion. Soon, Lincvolt heads to California for dyno testing and tuning. Lincvolt is back in the California sunshine now. Lincvolt is back in Wichita now and has had a new differential installed.

Linc Volt, “Re-Powering the American Dream” is a documentary currently in production at Neil’s “Shakey Pictures” studios. The documentary will include footage of his Fall 2007 drive from San Francisco to H-Line Conversions in Wichita and all the gas stops along the way, including interviews and reaction from folks he met en route.

Linc Volt and the Goodwin-Young Team are also official contenders in the Automotive X-Prize competition for 100 MPG vehicles.

From the website:

"Our goal is to inspire a generation by creating a clean automobile propulsion technology that serves the needs of the 21st Century and delivers performance that is a reflection of the driver's spirit. By creating this new power technology we hope to reduce the demand for petro-fuels enough to eliminate the need for war over energy supplies, thereby enhancing the security of the USA and other nations throughout the world."

We've been posting some of the California testing sessions here on MileageQuest. Links to those and other Lincvolt items are in our left menu.


I need a MQ T-shirt. Can you please make them look like a piece of hitchhiking cardboard and say

ASS, GRASS or GAS, but have GAS with a line through it and then E-85 written under it? Pleeeeeeeeeeze?? ; )

Van Conversions

When I heard he was doing this, the first thing that came to mind was finally we have a technology for converting all those vans transporting our family and friends who rely on wheelchairs for mobility.

We've been driving a Mariner hybrid after feeling guilty about leaving our own carbon footprint from driving our beloved 95 automatic transmission Suburban which got at least 3-4 mpg more than the Dodge Ram we had before transporting 3 kids, a dog, 2 adults, and wheelchair.

The Mariner is small and not convenient for trans-Ohio trips for family visits but I'm getting 30 mpg. The only thing missing is marshmallows and sticks because we are so compacted, I feel like we're squeezed at a campfire when we're driving at night.

So I guess my point is that I look forward to the genius who is able to bring this technology into the mainstream auto industry for families and friends who need it to convert their vans to transport their wheelchairs. And maybe even give my 95 Chevy Suburban a new life ...

One great leap for Neil, one small step for mother earth.


Yesterday, on the live stream, Jonathan mentioned that Linc Volt reaches 95MPG at the moment. Awesome! Long may Linc Volt run!


I know it's really early but

I know it's really early but I'd love to know how that was calculated. How many miles on the trip, conditions, etc. I'm sure it's all forthcoming. Can't wait to get some test data and maybe eventually telemetry from Lincvolt!